Welcome to KIWIPR

To People in charge of overseas public relations

Hello, this is KIWIPR, a company located in Seoul, Korea. It is a public relations agency specialized in PR activities of foreign companies or institutions which intend to advance into Korea.

Korea is a highly dynamic country. Korean people are very open. They are very interested in the products or services of foreign companies. Many foreign companies and institutions have already advanced into Korea to establish their footholds as global brands.

Your companies can start a big business for Korean people in Korea as much as you want. Many companies have established their brand positions through the media relations service of KIWIPR.

It is the first priority to find a good public relations agency which will take charge of your PR if you want to run a good business in Korea. KIWIPR has run PR services for many famous foreign companies. It has done its best to produce the best effect with appropriate agency fees.

KIWIPR has established its foothold as one of the best media relations agencies in Korea. There are many reporters well-acquainted with the media and account executives with more than 10 years of experience in the media relation s service industry at our headquarters. There is no problem in the communication with foreign companies, in particular American companies because main staffs have the experience of living in the United States.

In addition, they can establish the most efficient PR strategies based on professional knowledge and rich experience in relation to all media relations needed for your company. You will obtain the best PR effect if you assign your PR works.

You can have detailed information related to the media PR services of KIWIPR through English data.

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